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Our goal is to provide an excellent service towards our loyal customers. We want to be known as the best transport company on the southwest and northern part of France with particularly high business ethics and stable earnings.

We only want to use serious collaborators to raise the standards in the freight market. Environmental consciousness plays a natural part as well as to create a pleasant place of work for all the staff and the leadership.

We are specialists in France
​with professional transport solutions.

​About H. Siggaard Pedersen

H. Siggaard Pedersen ApS is a freight forwarding and haulage contractor company. 90% of its activities are export/import. We employ approximately 15 vehicles per week divided in transports from/to Europe and Scandinavia.

VAT no.: DK89888115

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H. Sigaard Pedersen ApS

Baggeskærvej 40, DK-7400 Herning

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​Phone: ​+45 97120544

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E-mail: mail@siggaard.dk

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