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The haulage contractor business is owned by the Siggaard family for 3 generations started by Niels Siggaard with horses and carriages in 1920. The horses were continuously changed into trucks from that time. Below you find a list of years of importance for the company:

1943: Henry Siggaard starts up as a haulage carrier together with his farther Niels Siggaard who already owns the haulage company.

1964: Holger Siggaard gets into the company together with his farther Henry Siggaard

1980: Holger Siggaard takes over the haulage after the death of his father Henry Siggaard.
1982: The Company starts transports beyond the Danish border. The first destinations are Germany and Belgium. At the same time the business concept is changed into a private limited company.
1984: The export part expands and includes France. When Spain and Portugal entered the EC, the transports went this far as well.
1996: Niels Andersen is hired. He works up the forwarding part. Up to then the company executed haulage only. Ann Møller is hired and the number of trucks increases continuously.
1997: The first electronic data processing system is bought and installed. The company gets internet.
1998: Niels Andersen enters as share holder in the company forming part of a generational change. Holger Siggaard continues as managing director.
1999: Implementation of a new computer network. Anette Stagsted is hired.
2001: Office and warehouse facilities expand considerably.
2002: The first safety representative is elected and the company makes adjustments to the safety of the employees as well as the trucks.
2003: Steen Jensen is hired. Purchase of an extra truck and an extra driver.
2005: New electric adjustable office desks and office furniture has been bought.
2007: 1st December the shares of Holger Siggaard are purchased by Niels Andersen and Steen Jensen who will continue the company by joint efforts. Holger Siggaard continues his work in the  company as an employee. A new telephone switch-board is implemented. A new bigger forklift is bought.
2008: 18th April Holger Siggaard retires and leaves the company. Niels Andersen is the new managing director.

2011: An extra truck and trailer is bought.

2014: The company moves into newly built and much larger locations at Baggeskaervej 40 as the locations at Sandagervej 31 became too small.

2015: New electronic computer system is bought and installed. New sweeping machine, forklifts, trucks and other necessary material is bought.

2018: Lars Christensen is hired .

2019: The company gets a new web site.

2020: H. Siggaard Pedersen ApS has existed in 100 years! However, due to Covid-19 virus we cannot celebrate it. 

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​About H. Siggaard Pedersen

H. Siggaard Pedersen ApS is a freight forwarding and haulage contractor company. 90% of its activities are export/import. We employ approximately 15 vehicles per week divided in transports from/to Europe and Scandinavia.

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