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Import + Sales

Niels Andersen
Dir. phone +45 96261714
Cell phone +45 20743936
E-mail niels@siggaard.dk


Forwarding agent/co-owner
Steen Jensen
Dir. phone +45 96261717
E-mail steen@siggaard.dk

Accountancy + Particular Customers

Financial officer/Forwarder
Ann V. Møller
Dir. phone +45 96261712
Cell phone +45 20748662
E-mail ann@siggaard.dk

Administration + ADR

Export forwarder
Anette Stagsted
Dir. phone +45 96261711
Cell phone +45 20748657
E-mail anette@siggaard.dk


Forwarding agent

Lars Christensen
Dir. phone +45 96261719
Cell phone +45 20748112

E-mail lars@siggaard.dk

We are specialists in France
​with professional transport solutions.

​About H. Siggaard Pedersen

H. Siggaard Pedersen ApS is a freight forwarding and haulage contractor company. 90% of its activities are export/import. We employ approximately 15 vehicles per week divided in transports from/to Europe and Scandinavia.

VAT no.: DK89888115

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H. Sigaard Pedersen ApS

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E-mail: mail@siggaard.dk

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